Vendor Profiles

Aitken and Hyde

From their workshop in Warsaw, Ontario, Thomas Aitken and Kate Hyde collaborate on a range of tableware and accessories that unite Thomas strong forms in porcelaine and Kate’s exquisite surface embellishments.

Their electric and playful imagery reference a variety of sources including the history of ceramics, theatre, poetry and textiles.


Beam Paints

Beam Paints is the result of a multi generational love of pigment, paint, colour, and innovation. Raised by her artist parents Carl and Ann Beam, Anong was taught from a young age how to harvest hematite pigment in the lacloche mountain range near their home in M’chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island. Beam Paints expands Anong’s early educations in Indigenous pigment to encompass all paint traditions. A focus on high quality pigment content creates sublime artist materials, with plastic free packaging!

Lightfast pigments, tree sap, gum arabic, and Manitoulin honey, create a handmade  saturated colour that is a joy to paint with, from thick stripes to fine washes and details, quality is evident in every stroke.

Watercolour pans are packaged in slices of cedar and birch that are offcuts from an Indigenous sustainable lumber operation. Pan wrappers are biodegradable.


Bella Grey

As an artistic experimenter creative play and positive vision are the guiding forces behind Karen Cameron’s jewellery and decor. Combined with Georgian Bay stones, Cameron drawns from her own photography for imagery and inspiration. All of the pieces are nature inspired, organic, whimsical, and focused on the interplay between colour, design, and shape in unexpected ways. Cameron joins us from Owen Sound, and her work is one of a kind.


Brad Copping

Apsley, Ontario glass artist, Brad Copping produces signature blown and carved glass pieces that explore form, surface and light. Through the processes of hot sculpting, over cutting, sometimes scratching and enameling, Copping transform the qualities of glass giving these vessels the aged patina of wear while sometimes leaving traces of the original smooth and shiny surface.


Carnival of Kitsch

Kathryn Smythe rescues the fine fabrics and luxury leather goods of the past, and refashions them into contemporary accessories. Smythe brings a unique sense of style, pattern, design, and value to each found material. From concept through design each piece is re-purposed from vintage leather garments, curtains, upholstery, cushion covers, tablecloths and other forgotten articles of everyday life. Smythe joins us from Port Colburne, Ontario. 


Charcoal and Rose Petals

All-natural, handmade, locally crafted soap, bath, and body products. All recipes are original and most suppliers are Canadian-based companies. All ingredients used in my products are all natural, and infused with botanical oils to extract their natural colours, aromas, and healing properties. All soaps are vegan.


Christianna Ferguson

A textile artist and educator with a full-time studio practice in Lakefield, Ontario, Ferguson’s work and artistic practice range from felt wearables and accessories to home decor to conceptual work.  She is recognized for her exceptional use of colour and unique surface design.


Christie Haldane

At her studio in Douro-Dummer, Christie Haldane combines recycled window glass with other common building materials, such as stone, concrete and steel to enhance the fragility and strength of the glass components. Using a kiln Haldane melts and fuses glass creating simple and unique sculptural forms.

The sculptures consider humanity’s effect on the environment and the precarious balance in which the natural and artificial environments exist. The work ranges from small scale wearable body art to large scale installations.


The Fanciful Doll

Teena Surma of The Fanciful Doll creates hand sculpted in Bancroft, Ontario using air dry paper-clay, fabric,  and detailed with acrylic paint.  Natural fibres like alpaca and become unique hair pieces. Surma’s creative process is wonderfully imaginative giving every doll their own personality. They are truly one of a kind, and have found their forever homes throughout Canada and abroad.


Hard Winter Bread Company

Hard Winter Bread Co. is a wood-fired sourdough bakery located in Lakefield, Ontario. It is a family run endeavour that takes prides in using high quality ingredients and producing food the way it is meant to be – simple and healthy. Hard Winter sells wholesome bread and pastries at three local farmers markets as well as at restaurants and specialty food shops.



Kathryn Bahun of Keetarella is a Peterborough designer/maker of fun and functional items using mostly vintage and up-cycled textiles and images to lessen our ecological footprint.

Bahun’s pieces are highly textured with mixed fibres lie corduroy, wool tweeds, sweatshirt fabric, and velvet. Fabrics are pre-shrunk so you can machine wash most everything! She makes comfy dresses, hoodies, neckties, purses, puppets, dolls, hair accessories, mittens, and unusual greeting cards. Keetarella is your remedy for boring.



Scratchboard is Lisa Martini-Dunk’s material of choice. Comprised of white clay that is covered with black India ink, the process of creating imagery is first one of surface removal or “scratching” lines and shapes into the board. Colour is then added that breathes life into each piece. Martini-Dunk lives and works in East City, Peterborough, Ontario.


Little Miss Knotty

Little Miss Knotty is owned and operated by Jenn Groombridge. Home grown here in Peterborough, she is family taught and works closely with her father to grow her craft. She has been making charcuterie and cutting boards and bowls for years, and is branching into larger work such as harvest tables, coffee and side tables, dining tables and other custom work.


Messervey Works

Jillian Messervey is a Peterborough-based weaver and textile enthusiast, who loves slow and careful work. She weaves functional pieces that are as hard-working as they are beautiful. Blankets, scarves and towels are woven in a variety of colours and traditional patterns on her antique and vintage floor looms. Messervey uses natural, Canadian fibres wherever possible, from Canadian mills and suppliers.



Modelia is an eco-conscience textile studio located near Lakefield, ON specializing in handcrafted, naturally dyed interior goods, fashion accessories, and unique textiles. Each product is individually hand-dyed in organic fabrics using a blend of contemporary and traditional dyeing techniques.


Olive Cedar

Founder and designer of Olive Cedar Studio is Peterborough’s Chantel Stovell. From her studio she fashions sterling silver jewellery that captures the essence of nature through crisp, clear designs, intended to weather through the seasons. She is inspired by the landscape, enlivened by the weather, and moved by the beasts that thrive among her environment. 


Petals and Elizabeth

Amanda Fracz is the Peterborough floral desiger behind Petals and Elizabeth, and at this time of year she specializes in holiday arrangements, fresh wreaths, and décor designed for modern and adventurous souls. Her company’s focus is on using seasonal local products as much as possible and most greenery is harvested locally from her family’s farm in an effort to lower carbon footprint. Inspired by the wildness of nature, Fracz’ designs are romantic, natural and organic.


Rob Neizen

Rob Niezen is a painter and printmaker who experiments mostly with linocuts, including reduction prints. Current work includes his ‘Heads & Tales’ series that combines linocut, blind emboss, collage (stamps), and handwritten text. This series reflects on perceived national identities, traits and values using the ‘Heads’ on national postage stamps. Put in an imaginary context, Niezen lets them tell their ‘Tales’ as humans, with their prejudices and flaws. They are like us. Feeling bound and constrained by strings that pull in undesired directions. Neizen lives and works in Douro, Ontario.


Sweet Song Herbals

Aryn Mahood specializes in the making of herbal medicines with indigenous plants from Peterborough and the surrounding area. Crafted with care and reverence for nature, Sweet Song’s products reflect excellence, integrity, distinction, and grace.

Aryn has a herbal studio downtown Peterborough, where she creates her Sweet Song products, and hosts botanical art classes, urban plant walks and herbal medicine workshops.


Wooden Alternatives

Taylor Craig is a Peterborough based artist producing thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted wooden utensils and tools using locally, sustainably sourced hardwoods. Each piece is designed and intended to be used as an alternative to a plastic utensil. Wooden utensils can be used on all types of cookware, making a versatile and long lasting tool in your kitchen.

Craig started Wooden Alternatives as a way of presenting his hand-carved wooden tools while trying to convey the importance of using local resources for raw materials. The wood used in these pieces can be traced back to different parts of the Peterborough and Haliburton counties. What started as a means of giving gifts to family members has grown into a great appreciation for local woods and the art of working them.